Company Investments

Our company’s total investment to date lies at USD 5,950,000. The investment includes physical stocks, factory plants and spare parts, vehicles, lands and buildings.



About US

MSK Solutions is striving to become a global leader in the management of the Agricultural products value chain. It provides solutions for consumers and suppliers of cash and food crops and ingredients. We operate an integrated supply chain of cotton and its end products, cashew nuts, sesame, rice, yellow grams and timber. We operate two ginning facilities in Tanzania. We own more than 30 trucks for ease of logistics and we have presence in all the catchment areas for the products we deal with. MSK Solutions owns 7 tractors and supports farmers by tilling their land and collecting and moving farm inputs and harvests to/from their farms and storage facilities. We provide direct part time and permanent employment to more than 4,000 people, and indirect employment to more than 10,000.

Although MSK Solutions offers a variety of other services, it has focused its efforts in the Agricultural industry since its inception. The company, taking advantage of the wide opportunities in the Agro sector and using effectively the resources it has, has managed to grow and become one of the fastest growing companies in the Agricultural sector in Tanzania.

Over the years we have enjoyed a competitive advantage by leveraging our main resources including people with the necessary technical know-how, capabilities, determination and strong workmanship; clear vision, mission and strategies; and our physical assets. These and many others have awarded us success and remain to be our strongest key factors for success.

New Investment Projects

Our Mision

Our mission is to provide our clients with the greatest possible assistance and the best solutions to all their business needs and problems at a reasonable cost so that they save both money and time.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a leading solution provider in the agricultural products and food ingredients value chain.